About Nick

Hello all, I’m Nick and this is my beautiful family. I am a new father & a devoted husband.

I started SleepFlawless one sleepless night (go figure), and enjoy writing and editing articles on the site that help people achieve their perfect night sleep.

I am semi-recent (2018) Mechanical Engineering graduate (Cum Laude) of R.I.T, now working as a Software Engineer. I love my job! I get to solve complex software challenges while using both what I learned in school & what I have taught myself over the years.

I know 10+ programming languages. When I’m not writing, editing, or hanging out with my family, I enjoy coding random projects. Being able to program has helped my out in both my professional & personal life, and I encourage anyone interested to learn how to do it!

After reading, writing, and editing 100’s of articles I have been regarded by many as a sleep expert!