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Where to Place a Smoke Detector in Your Bedroom

Placing a smoke detector in your home provides the benefit of knowing you and your family are protected in case of a fire. There are certain rules and regulations that you should be aware of while placing one to ensure it’s done correctly. This is not something that should be […]

Which Direction Should a Bedroom Window Face

So you’re in the market for new a house, or you’re wondering which way a bedroom window should face on for your current house. It depends on your preferences and location. But here are some of the most important points that you should consider. Generally speaking, if you live in […]

Sleep Techniques for People With Anxiety

If you’re like me then you have some form of anxiety, it can even be undiagnosed, but you just know its a normal part of being you. One thing I always used to struggle with was falling asleep with my anxiety weighing on my mind. So I searched google fruitlessly […]

How to Wake Up Early for School

Whether you’re dreading your 8 am for college, or not looking forward to homeroom, you may find it difficult to wake up in the morning. Sleeping is incredibly important for teenagers and young adults because your bodies continue to grow well into your twenties. Sleep aids in your development not […]

The Longest Time Spent Without Sleep

Sleep deprivation or the lack of an adequate amount of sleep can be problematic if a continued on a regular basis. Sleep is a required action that humans must make time for in order to retain normal cognitive functioning. Without sleep, even simple tasks such subtraction would become difficult. So […]

How to Sleep the Night Before an Exam

You’re lying there awake the night before a big exam. Thinking to yourself how will you get to sleep. Many students find themselves in the exact same situation, you’re not alone. I’ve taken literally hundreds of exams (unfortunately), and these are the best tips that have worked for me. Grounding […]