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Can You Sleep with Contacts In?

As contact wearers, we have all been there: You crawl into your bed, settle in peacefully, and drift off to a blissful night of sleep, only to wake up the next morning and immediately realize that you forgot to take out your contacts the night before. After the initial blurred […]

13 Amazing Tips for Comfortably Sleeping in a Car

Sleeping in a car is never an ideal situation. It’s usually associated with neck pain, loud traffic, and bumpy roads. This article is for people that want to learn how to properly sleep in a car for the following situations: Sleeping in Your Car Overnight Sleeping on a Long Road […]

Sleeping With Your Eyes Open – Can And Should You Do It?

Have you ever been sitting on a late-night train home, or waiting at a Doctor’s office, when you notice the person opposite you is staring straight through you? Maybe you shift uncomfortably and avoid eye contact – until they start snoring. Then you realize they weren’t staring; they were just […]

How To Actually Stop A Bed From Squeaking During Sex

Whether you are parents with children who are alert to every noise in the night, or you’re a couple with roommates that have hearing abilities like a bat – having sex with a squeaky bed can be nearly impossible. Whatever your circumstances are, the worry of being caught by relatives […]