Best Mattress

Choosing the perfect mattress isn’t easy. You could spend hours in a store, jumping from bed to bed, not sure exactly which one to consider. From softness to durability, making the right decision is filled with pressure.

In recent years, memory foam mattresses have claimed the top spot on the most popular mattresses. With their lack of springs and welcoming smooshiness, these beds are perfect for a peaceful and restful sleep. But, naturally, the next question is – which brand of memory foam mattress do I really want/need? Luckily for you, I have my top pick at hand. Realistically, it has to be the Zinus mattress.

Why I Choose The Zinus Mattress

The green tea, number one best-selling mattress is sure to give you sweet dreams all throughout the night. Compared to other beds, has so many more pros than cons and is certainly good value for money. Some of its top features include:

  • The mattress is infused with natural green tea extract to maintain product freshness.
  • Zinus has 3 inches of memory foam as well as 2 inches of comfort foam, 3.5 inches of High-Density Foam and 3.5 Airflow High-Density base support foam for maximum comfort.
  • Zinus is well-known for aiding in pain in the shoulders and back, and even curing them.
  • The mattress is firm yet comfortable, making it more durable than other memory foam mattresses which can lose their spark rather quickly.

It’s also worth noting that the mattress comes in a variety of sizes, including:

  • Narrow Twin
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Short Queen
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

The style also ranges from 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. The mattress is shipped straight to your door, after being efficiently compressed and rolled. The only thing to remember once you have your mattress is how long it takes it to expand. Typically, it can take between 48-72 hours.

My Experience Ordering a Mattress From Online

Ordering a mattress online was hands down the easiest way I’ve ever purchased a mattress. There are no pushy salesmen trying to upsell you on features you don’t need. There is no coordinating a delivery time or strapping it to the back of one of your friend’s trucks. You just pay for it online and it arrives at your door, like everything else nowadays. And if it turns out it wasn’t what you hoped, you simply ship it back and buy a new one, no hassle, no stress, it just works! Honestly, I wonder how long it will take before you can just order a car from Amazon too?!

Things To Look Out For When Purchasing A Mattress

We all wish we knew a little bit more about what features to look out for before buying a mattress. The technical jargon salespeople throw at you can be overwhelming. Below are the top things you can list before you set out on your journey.

  • Comfort is key. Don’t think that an expensive mattress will necessarily mean a more comfortable mattress.
  • Remember sizing. Think about your living arrangements and how much space you will need. If you have a partner and a large room, go for a king-sized or California king bed. If you sleep alone but love having lots of space in your bed to spread out, a Queen-sized may be perfect.
  • Pick a price. Make sure you know your budget and stick to it. Salespeople may try to persuade you and tempt you, but it’s better to stick to your guns than find yourself in a tough financial situation.
  • Choose your brand wisely. Going towards trusted brands can prove to pay off, as they tend to have better quality products and customer support.
  • Check out the warranty. This is usually a brand’s most important aspect when it comes to customer support. The longer the warranty, the better.
  • Don’t always trust firmness labels. Every brand measures firmness differently, which can make it hard to trust labels completely.
  • Waterbeds are not the best idea. Waterbeds can follow the body’s shape and feel cool, but the 90s fad can leave some people feeling seasick and dizzy, as well as not providing enough back support.

How To Look After Your Mattress

On average, mattresses will need to be replaced every 7-10 years, according to The Better Sleep Council. To maintain your mattress and even extend its life during this period, there a few things you can do.

Keeping Up The Rotation

Manufacturers have to recommend both flipping and rotating your mattress regularly to help it wear more evenly in the past. However, newer beds have just one “right side up”, which can make this difficult. Instead, you can try rotating your mattress end to end every two weeks for the first four months to avoid lumps and bumps, and then every three months after that. It’s also worth remembering not to neglect your box spring – which should also be rotated (but not flipped) every six months.

Alleviating Pressure

Rom-com movies make jumping around on a bed, at any age, seem like a fun idea. However, I’d warn you against doing so for obvious reasons. Not only is it a dangerous activity, but it can also damage the coils and the fibers of your mattress.

Keeping It Clean

While you’re vacuuming your house/bedroom, try taking the vacuum to your mattress. Regularly giving it a clean sweep helps to keep dust from becoming ground into the bed. If you spilled something, you can dab at it with warm soapy water and a sponge, then let it dry completely before making the bed to avoid mold or dampness.

Spread Out Your Activities

If you sit on the same side of the bed every day to put your socks on or tie your shoelaces, you could be causing your mattress to sink in one particular area prematurely. To avoid this, use the whole space of the mattress and switch up which sides you sit on – this will ensure that every part of the bed has the same experience and doesn’t dip to one side.

Hopefully, the advice I suggested above will be useful in your decision-making and your mattress outcome will be the one you desire. Whatever your choices are, I hope you have sweet dreams in the long-run!