Best Pillows

When we think about getting a good night’s sleep, we usually think about picking the perfect mattress – but what about the perfect pillow? Although your mattress plays a huge role in your ability to fall asleep and is also an important financial investment, it doesn’t mean your pillow choice should be neglected. When it comes to top-quality sleep, you won’t want to be resting on a worn-out old pillow.

If you find yourself constantly flipping and/or scrunching your pillow into a new position every night, it may be time for a change. Many of us find ourselves a little clueless when it comes to choosing this part of our bedding, which is why I recommend my favorite:

The WonderSleep Pillow – Click here to see the current price on Amazon.

Why I Choose The WonderSleep Pillow

Especially during the summer, what’s not to love about breathable layers and a stay-cool design in your pillow? This item is perfect for those who love keeping their pillow at a comfortable temperature and are serial pillow-flippers for this exact reason. Compared to other pillows made mainly out of polyester available on the market, this particular brand stands out as a must-have for these special factors:

  • The WonderSleep Pillow features shredded memory foam filling for adjusted comfort to personalize your sleep.
  • It includes premium fabric to ensure your pillow stays cool.
  • Adjusting the firmness is easy to do: simply by removing or adding foam filling.
  • The support from the pillow aids in relieving pain from your neck and shoulders.

The pillow can be purchased in a pack of two from Amazon which comes in both Queen and King sizes with a removable and washable bamboo-derived rayon cover. This particular pillow is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant to add to the list of pros.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Pillow

Choosing The Right Filling/Fiber

There is no particular filling which trumps all – this is why it is important to pick carefully based on your personal needs. A few different types of pillow fillings you may come across include:

  • Polyester: these pillows tend to be medium to soft in firmness and lower in price compared to other pillows. However, they will flatten over time and need replacing more frequently.
  • Synthetic down: these pillows are less expensive than natural pillows but like polyester will also need replacing often. It’s wise to consider that these pillows also tend to be softer than polyester.
  • Wool: wool pillows are great for keeping moisture away from your head and neck in order to regulate your temperature during sleep. They are also naturally hypoallergenic as well as resistant to dust-mites and mold. In terms of firmness, it is best to avoid cashmere fibers and look instead for alpaca wool.
  • Cotton: Cotton pillows are also naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mold. Cotton pillows tend to be firm and rather flat, which makes them the best choice overall for those with allergies, rather than those looking for softness.
  • Memory foam: Memory foam is so popular due to how the material will conform to your individual and natural shape. Memory foam softens and contours to the lines of your head, neck, and shoulders to give a feeling of weightlessness. These qualities make it a popular choice for people with head and neck pain, or pressure points that cause discomfort during sleep. However, memory foam will retain heat, which can be a disadvantage if have trouble staying cool at night. To avoid this, look out for high-quality memory foam pillows which are often made which more ventilation.

Choosing The Fill Quality and Weight

Choosing the weight of your pillow is a personal choice. If you like to move, scrunch and re-shape your pillow yourself as you rest, a lighter, more flexible pillow is better for you. Synthetic pillows are good lightweight choices, while memory foam pillows are much heavier.

When you buy a new pillow, the quality will matter greatly – which may lead you to make a bigger investment for the sake of increased comfort. Once you’ve made a decision on the type of pillow fill that’s right for you, try to pick the highest quality version you can afford. You will be sleeping on this for 8 hours at a time remember!

Choosing The Right Size For Your Pillow

For most of us, a standard-size pillow is more than big enough. If you choose to go larger or smaller, make sure your pillowcase fits the pillow snuggly/correctly, otherwise, it can become irritating. When looking at the thickness or thinness of your pillow, you should remember that it must enable you to sleep with your head, neck, and shoulders aligned with your spine, as well as provide you with comfort.

Some other pillows are also made in specialty shapes, to provide additional support and stability for your head and neck. Some of these can be useful based on your needs – cervical and contour pillows may help with neck and back pain, and contoured body pillows can provide support, stability, and relief for pressure points along the body.

Choosing Based On Your Sleeping Position

We all tend to have our preferred sleeping position, and this can change throughout the night as we toss and turn. Pillows can play an important role in how you sleep depending on your position. When shopping for your next pillow, remember to decide based on your position, as well as comfort and budget:

  • Best Pillows for Side Sleepers: If you sleep on your side, you may need a firmer and thicker pillow. Look for one that is as thick as the distance between your ear and outside shoulder. My mom is a side sleeper and I noticed her pillow was getting old so I did some research and found this Snuggle-Pedic Pillow that she absolutely loves. Here is a link to the same one I brought off Amazon.
  • Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers: These sleepers may need a soft pillow or no pillow at all. However, a pillow under your stomach and pelvis may help prevent back pain. My dad sleeps on his stomach so I bought him an adjustable Pancake Pillow for Father’s Day from Amazon. He no longer complains of back pain now that his neck and spine are actually in alignment.
  • Best Pillows for Back Sleepers: For back sleepers, you may need a flatter pillow to keep your head and neck in alignment. A softer pillow will also benefit you in terms of providing additional support. But my choice is definitely this Coop Home Goods adjustable pillow from Amazon. I personally own this pillow along with the WonderSleep pillow, and I enjoy using them both. You’d be surprised to learn how well the right pillow will affect your sleep.

Knowing When To Replace Your Pillow

Memory foam pillows can last up to three years, while natural pillows tend to last longer than synthetic pillows. In general, bed pillows need to be replaced after 18 months, according to Psychology Today. The higher the quality of the pillow, the longer it will last. If you’re using a pillow that is past its lifespan, you’re more than likely not getting the support you need.

Your pillow is your handy support companion for about 7-8 hours a night, which is more than 2,500 hours a year – meaning it will need to be replaced sooner or later. If you’re not sure whether your pillow’s time is up, there are a few tests you can do to find out:

Examine your pillow without the pillowcase. Does it have stains from sweat or cosmetics? Is it torn in any areas? These are all signs of a pillow that needs replacing. Pillows collect dead skin cells, mildew, mold, fungus, and dust mites – and if you’re eating near or on them, food as well. Over time, as much as half the weight of a pillow can be attributed to these unwelcome organisms, according to Psychology Today.

If your pillow passes the first test, you can try out the fold test:

Fold your pillow in half. If it remains folded without springing back to its original shape, its a sign your pillow is dead. With natural fill pillows, you can do this test over your arm. Does your pillow drape and hang down over your extended arm? That’s a pillow that’s exhausted its useful life.

With synthetic pillows, fold in half and add some weight to the top – such as a hardback book. Take the object away, and if your pillow doesn’t spring back to its original shape, it’s time for a replacement.

No matter what choice you make in the end, hopefully, the advice I gave above will aid you in your decision making and make the process far easier.