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How to Sleep With An Ear Infection

An ear infection can be incredibly uncomfortable and frustrating when you’re awake, even more so when you are trying to sleep. As a long-time sufferer of these types of infections, figuring out how to sleep has become something of an art. Because it’s physically in your head, there seems to […]

How to Actually Sleep After Drinking Too Much Caffeine

As we all know, the combination of sleep and caffeine are not a dream team. For those who consistently struggle to fall asleep at night, being aware of our caffeine intake throughout the day is something we must stay on top of. Ideally, you should be avoiding caffeine at least […]

11 Tips For Actually Sleeping Through a Thunderstorm

Howling winds, blistering rain, frightening lightning, and roaring thunder are enough to keep anyone awake at night. If you have watched slightly too many horror movies or perhaps live alone, you could find yourself clutching your comforter all the way to your chin as the stormy weather fills the air.  […]

How to Get Pee Out of a Mattress w/ FREE Printable Guide

It’s on everyone’s list of fears – needing to clean a mattress for any reason. Like many other large items of furniture, mattresses are expensive, you can’t throw them into a washing machine, and they don’t clean easily. Whether it’s spilling a drink or waking to find that your child […]