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Sleeping With Gum in Your Mouth – What You NEED to Know

Did your parents or grandparents ever tell you that if you swallowed chewing gum, it would wrap around your heart? This old wives’ tale isn’t unheard of, and (along with being untrue) shouldn’t be your greatest fear when it comes to safety around chewing gum – as sleeping with gum […]

11 Simple Ways to Stop Drooling in Your Sleep

Waking up with a soggy pillow when you went to bed with a dry one can be rather alarming. This situation can usually be blamed on drooling during the night, which is something we expect to see mostly in infants and those who struggle with muscle control. This type of […]

Should You Sleep in A Waist Trainer? No! Here’s Why.

During the first few days of getting used to wearing your brand-new waist trainer, you will be building up your tolerance and length of time for wearing it. Starting with 1-2 hours and gradually working your way up to 10 hours (or more) per day, you’re sure to start feeling […]